Shopping in Frankenmuth

With an ultra-walkable shopping district dotted by Bavarian architecture, it’s hard to say which you’ll eye up more — the gorgeous storefronts or what’s inside!

Find Frankenmuth souvenirs and Michigan-themed gifts, try on fashions at trend-forward boutiques, or take in the world’s largest Christmas store, open all but four days a year.

There are cuckoo clocks, quilt shops, and woolen mills. Sausage companies serving up house-made Bavarian specialties, a massive Cheese Haus with 160+ options (and samples), plus plenty of sweet shops handcrafting in their open kitchens (breathe it all in; those free smells are calorie-free, too).

Just follow the cobblestone paths of Frankenmuth River Place Shops; they’ll lead you to over 35 stores and a European-inspired shopping experience you can’t miss. Wander into Zak & Mac’s for world-renowned toffee, hydrate with a Pasty Haus bubble tea (extra pearls, please), or stop off at Bead Haven (and enjoy an in-store Modern Craft wine tasting) — all while you shop.

Simple diversions? Maybe to some. But they add up to one signature experience (and extra luggage to bring all those rare finds back home). Browse some of the top spots for shopping in Frankenmuth below!