Chicken Dinners

World Famous Chicken Dinners

Dig in and dine family style on Frankenmuth’s finest comfort food: mashed potatoes, buttered noodles, dressing, and (of course) chicken.

“Frankenmuth” is practically synonymous with “chicken dinners”. So, how did one spot get so globally known for one meal? You could read about it here, or taste for yourself at the two iconic spots that serve it — Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth and Bavarian Inn Restaurant!

They’re two of the nation’s largest independently owned restaurants, and together they serve more than two million chicken dinners a year — each offering their own takes on the classic, craveable German dishes that first put Frankenmuth on the map.

Both offer piled-high platters of crispy-but-juicy, golden fried chicken (plus options to add other traditional German meats to your meal). Both serve family style for a shared experience that only adds to the homey ambiance, and both have house-made sides (we’re talking buttery German noodles and fresh-baked breads here, people).

So, how’s a first-timer to choose? We hope you don’t! Try each a different day to say you’ve had the full world famous Frankenmuth experience at both Bavarian Inn and Zehnder’s!


It’s no secret that among the things we’re famous for here in Frankenmuth, family style chicken dinners top the list.

But, while sitting down to a platter full of premium, golden, fried chicken, delighting in homemade dressing, or savoring the addictive cracker crumble atop your German buttered noodles, have you ever stopped to wonder: how did these two giants of German cuisine come to be?

Here's all the places in Frankenmuth you can enjoy a world famous, all-you-can-eat chicken dinner!


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