Sweets & Treats

Sweet Shops in Frankenmuth

Fudge kitchens, taffy kitchens, bakeries, ice cream parlors — and don’t even get us started on all those free smells!

There’s an extra layer of goodness that comes with watching what you’re about to eat being made. Whether that’s seeing fudge hand-paddled onto cool marble slabs or freshwater taffy pulled to sticky-sweet perfection in a storefront window — shopping for sweets in Frankenmuth comes with a whole lot of eye candy, too!

There’s an old-timey store with all the nostalgic stuff — wax bottle candies, hard candy drops, and flavored licorice. A cute-as-a-button Chocolate Haus whipping up small-batch confections from truffles to toffee, and a Cheese Haus with Chocolate Cheese. Strange? Maybe a little. But surprisingly delicious, too.

Sample one or two spots each day, then load up on favorites as you head out of town.


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