Museums and History

There is history waiting to be uncovered around every corner in Frankenmuth, with many historical markers to help tell the stories of our past. A real history buff will not only enjoy a tour through the Frankenmuth Historical Museum but would revel in a tour of St. Lorenz, the founding church, and replica of the original log cabin the German settlers built when they arrived in Frankenmuth. Being “Michigan’s Little Bavaria” didn’t happen on accident. Embracing the heritage of the community’s deep German roots was intentional to preserve the history and continues to be strong today with many connections in the native state of Bavaria, Germany.

Take a stroll through Michigan’s Own Military and Space Heroes Museum and hear the stories told of the Michigan men and women who have gone to battle to protect our freedom. View the largest collection of Medals of Honor in the country and take in this true piece of Michigan history at the one-of-a-kind museum dedicated to Michigan’s service people.