Coffee Shops & Cafes

Coffee Shops & Cafes

Looking for a dark roast, or perhaps a light lunch? These cozy spots will have you covered (and caffeinated)!

There’s no better way to feel the vibe of a place you’re visiting than by finding a cozy corner table at a coffee shop (especially one with streetside views) and sipping on the slow-roasted stuff while you watch the city wake up.

Here? You just might enjoy that cuppa joe with a side of New Orleans-style beignets (served piping hot with plenty of powdered sugar) at N’Orlins. Or stop off at The Harvest Coffeehouse for a Bavarian Breve with German chocolate (because, when in Bavaria…) You can even pop into a Parisian-inspired creperie, or sample all the goodness of the lower-level bakeries tucked inside Bavarian Inn and Zehnder’s.

Whichever cozy spot you wander into, you can bet you’ll be lingering long past that first cup.