Frankenmuth’s Spring Flower Preview

Our guest blogger, Dan Hopp, has been planting and cultivating the beautiful flowers of Frankenmuth for almost 6 years, and we are lucky to have him! Just like the bumblebees, Frankenmuth’s glorious flora attract a few million visitors annually, and we couldn’t be happier about that. Here is an update from Frankenmuth’s green thumb:

Here in Frankenmuth, the robins are showing up and the days are getting longer, soon it will be time for us to get our hands back in the soil!

Spring is in full bloom on Main Street in the 'Muth! #frankenmuth #tulips #walk

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Our spring planting season started as soon as we took the first flower out last fall. We spend our winters carefully planning which flowers will not only look the best together but will grow the best together.

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We look at the plants’ needs. Do they like lots of water or do they like shade? Will one plant grow faster and over take another plant if they are planted together? This careful planning allows us to not have to work so hard throughout the summer while maintaining the flowers.


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This year we will be introducing a few new plants. One being a greenhouse tomato that we are hoping to grow to 15 feet tall! Another neat plant we experimented with last year was Lemon Coral Sedum, this plant stays low to the ground and has no flowers but has a unique bright yellow foliage and
filled in the ground well under larger flowering plants.

Ahhhh Summer.. don't leave!

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If you haven’t had time plan your gardens there is still time and if you have lost your green thumb, Frankenmuth’s gardens are always open for viewing. Come and Enjoy!

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Guest Blogger Dan Hopp is currently the Green Space Manager for the City of Frankenmuth. He studied Horticulture at Michigan State University and has been working full time in the industry for 18 years. He has worked as an annual grower, a landscape designer and manager of commercial green spaces through the years. Growing up in his family’s garden center business, he has spent his entire life working with and around plants and landscapes.