Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere!

Flowers in Frankenmuth

Summer in Frankenmuth has arrived and boy am I excited about this year’s palette of annual flowers. Did you know there are 350 flats and 8000 4” annuals planted in Frankenmuth this year?! That doesn’t even include the 350 huge eye popping hanging baskets that grace the downtown with their presence! Putting those two ingredients together on a 2 miles stretch of road and that’s A LOT of color! This year we got away from so many tropical plants and back to bigger and bolder patches of flowers. You will see my favorite and sweet smelling ‘Snow Princess’ Lobularia all over town as a border. Don’t be afraid to take a sniff! A German staple, the red geranium, mixed with ‘Hip Hop’ Euphorbia make a perfect contrast of red and white. ‘Electric Orange’ Sunpatiens and ‘Fireworks’ grasses add flashy twists to each bed. Already our people’s choice award is going to the 25 pineapple plants scattered through the landscape. Can you find them all?  So if you are in town for an ice cream cone or some serious shopping, don’t forget to take a moment and smell the… gardenias, alyssum, marigolds…

Guest Blogger Dan Hopp is currently the Green Space Manager for the City of Frankenmuth. He studied Horticulture at Michigan State University and has been working full time in the industry for 15 years. He has worked as an annual grower, a landscape designer and manager of commercial green spaces through the years. Growing up in his family’s garden center business, he has spent his entire life working with and around plants and landscapes.