The Market is host to a myriad of goods including baked treats, cheeses, salsas, chestnuts, and fudge, as well as a variety of different gifts such as fresh evergreens, wreaths, winter apparel, home decor, and much more. Christkindlmarkt’s final weekend of the season is this Friday (Dec 4, 10am – 6pm), Saturday (Dec 5, 10am – 6pm), and Sunday (Dec 6, 11am – 3pm). The Market is located Downtown next to The Harvest Coffeehouse in the parking lot at 626 South Main Street.

Guest Blogger Dietrich Bronner of the Frankenmuth Farmers Market gives us a look inside shopping at the Market, as relayed to him by a “seasoned” Christkindlmarkt shopper.

“My” Christkindlmarkt? Sure—it’s mine—why not? After all, the artisans are all there for me to choose what I want for a good start on gift-giving for Christmas! Make the experience personal and claim the Christkindlmarkt as your own. Want the ins and outs of this special Christmas Market? Here’s how I shop my ‘Markt!

I’m shopping when it opens on Friday for the best selection. The spirit of the opening day is so festive and jovial, and I can have my space while others are being trampled in the big box stores. This Market is the real deal, featuring charming, hard-working and passionate vendors I’ve come to know and love over the years. I park out back, before the crowds all come, but I make my way to Main Street’s grand entrance to the Christmas Market, next to Harvest Coffeehouse.

The fragrant air floods my senses, the sweet roasting chestnuts mingling with the fresh pine sap of evergreens, two Christmas scents that immediately get me in the festive, fresh mood. I circle around the Market, tasting samples of sweet and nutty chestnuts, cheeses, and salsas. These vendors come from far and wide to provide me with a vast selection of greens and garland, baked goods, soaps, scarves, mittens, home décor and so much more! After what feels like only minutes, my arms are filled with holiday goodies, and I escape out the Market’s back exit to leave Load #1 in my car.

Upon diving back inside the Market, when I finally look around at my surroundings instead of power shopping, there are four people I haven’t seen in forever, so I tell each of them not to leave without a quick chat. Running into old friends during the holidays is always great! Knowing I’ve “accidentally” spent two hours here already, I quicken the pace. I connect with some more long-time pals and catch up, double check my list, consider but wisely decide against one last free sample of something (but it would have been another Jar Head chip, or maybe Ludwig Cheese, or more Fudge Kitchen nuts for dessert?) and run the last load of goods and gifts to the car.

I’ll return a few times today and over the course of the weekend. I always see so many friends who’ve moved out of town but are back this holiday weekend, hanging out at the Market with friends and family to meet everyone else! A gathering spot it is! And a getting spot too—I got so many items crossed off my list, all in one spot, while supporting the neighbors I know and their awesome pursuits of passionate production they dedicate themselves to. I’m happy and proud to be a part of that.

And that, my friends, is how to shop the Christkindlmarkt! On your ‘Markt, get set, go!

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