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Bring a car full or a bus load to Michigan’s Little Bavaria. We can help you plan the best day – or weekend – in Frankenmuth.

In a town that hosts more than three million visitors each year, we know how to handle a crowd. So, what does that mean for your next group tour in Frankenmuth?

It means iconic stops on an itinerary that won’t look like any other you’ve built or been on. A walkable (and accessible) downtown with heated sidewalks in winter and flowering streetscapes practically every other season. A full calendar of annual Frankenmuth festivals (some free!) to time your trip around, plus incredible group-friendly attractions and restaurants that’ll fill your time here faster than
you can imagine.

Heritage tours and handmade German pretzel rolling, beer and wine tasting or riverboat cruising — see? That itinerary is already overflowing with some of the best group tour spots in Frankenmuth!

Excited yet, or just overwhelmed? Either way, you can contact our group travel manager or sign up for our group tour newsletter. We’ll help you craft a custom itinerary, or at least set you up with some Frankenmuth welcome swag. (Because, let’s be real — who doesn’t like a good Frankenmuth coupon book?)

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