Frankenmuth Mural Finder
The Frankenmuth Mural Finder might just be your new favorite way to discover Michigan's Little Bavaria!

Travel through town with this tour to brush off your worries, color yourself in calm, and hone into your creative palette.

Here's How It Works:

1). Download the app below, and sign-up.

2). After signing up, a list of murals in Michigan's Little Bavaria will appear.

3). Now the hunt begins, it's time to find 10!

4). Once a mural is found, check-in at its location on the app.

5). After successfully completing 10 check-ins, redeem your pass at the Frankenmuth Visitor Center for a special Frankenmuth Mural Finder prize!

Take pictures along the way and tag them using #FRANKENMUTH. And remember, you can't spell Frankenmuth without the letters A-R-T!