Before you begin your drive, stop at one of these places to grab a warm cup of hot cocoa for everyone in the family: Bavarian Inn Bakery, Cass River Bar and Grill, Harvest Coffeehouse, Kernel Benny’s Popcorn, Le Crepe du Jour, McDonald’s, N’Orlins Beignets & Coffee, Pasty Haus, Sugar High Bakery, Tiffany’s Food & Spirits, Tim Hortons, Willi’s Sausage, Zak & Mac’s (Main Street, Weekends), Zehnder’s Z-Chef Café.

#1 • Buckle up, a bunch of lights you’re about to see. Willkommen to Frankenmuth, greets you first with glee!

#2 • The deer on your left and Elk on your right are your second views for this drive tonight.

#3 • As you gaze upon the World’s Largest Christmas store, be prepared. Ahead there’s so much more!

#4 • Remember Hansel and Gretel and their story? To the left, you’ll see them all lit up in their glory!

#5 • As you travel up Main Street, notice the beautifully lit trees as far as you can see, with a few pops of color added for glee.

#6 • Keep heading north and up the hill at the top, you’ll see a train on your left and to your right, the toy soldiers of Santa’s Toy Shop.

#7 • Up next, on your left, you’ll see a snowflake or two. And if you’re good, maybe Santa will bring a new Buick for you!

#8 • Now look to your right... You’ll see red and green, nice and bright!

#9 • As you turn around in the Uptown North Main parking lot, check out the snowglobe, it’s the perfect photo spot!

#10 • As you exit on Roedel Road, head south back on Main to see an Alpine Village from your car. If you reach the South Pole, you’ve driven too far.

#11 • As you head the other way, at the Frankenmuth Credit Union, you’ll see Santa and his sleigh!

#12 • Koester Drive to Franklin South, you’ll be reminded that Winter is here. Hopefully, seeing it all lit up will bring you some cheer!

#13 • This internet provider says it in light. Merry Christmas to all... and to all a good night!

As you make your way to Tuscola Street, tell your favorite Christmas memory of the past. But don’t forget, make these special moments last!

#14 • East on Tuscola and a right turn into the boat launch we go. How many ducks do you see in a row?

#15 • The journey continues to Block Road then left on Genesee. At the school bus garage, how many gnomes do you see?

#16 • Still traveling west, Frankenmuth insurance is just ahead. Their gardens are lit up in many colors, do you see green or red?

#17 • At the corner of South Dehmel Road, take a look. The story of this scene is found in the chapter Luke of the big book.

#18 • Left on West Tuscola on to St. Lorenz. Founded in 1845 even before the city, look at the white steeple. Isn’t it pretty?

#19 • Gunzenhausen Street has been closed most of the year, but now you can take it to see Bethlehem here.

#20 • Straight ahead is a new 40ft tree. The 7-minute music and light show is a must see!

#21 • Over the Main Street bridge to Flint Street, your journey is not done. First, you must see some skaters having fun!

#22 • Detour through River Place to Weiss and catch a glimpse of the Dragon. There’s more fun to see here if you come back and step out of your wagon.

#23 • Frosty the Snowman was a jolly, happy soul. You’ll find him ahead as part of this stroll.

#24 • On the left, take a peep. What’s your favorite? The sparkling lights or that pretty new Jeep?

#25 • Do you have a favorite Christmas song? Sing it now, and the bears on your left may sing along!

#26 • The tour is now over, but not without one more sight. Look for the 17ft Santa standing tall to your right.

Download the Christmas Driving Tour Map

Whether you’re local or visiting for a day or two, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

You can pick up the Little Bavaria "Little" Light Tour map at our Visitor Center, or print it here.

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