Before you begin your drive, stop at one of these places to grab a warm cup of hot cocoa for everyone in the family: Bavarian Inn Bakery, Cass River Bar and Grill, Harvest Coffeehouse, Kernel Benny’s Popcorn, La Crepe du Jour, McDonald’s, N’Orlins Beignets & Coffee, Pasty Haus, SugarHigh Bakery, Tiffany’s Food & Spirits, Tim Hortons, Zak & Mac’s (Main Street, Weekends).

#1 • Buckle up, a bunch of lights you’re about to see. Willkommen to Frankenmuth, greets you first with glee!

#2 • The deer on your left and elk on your right are your second views for this drive tonight.

#3 • As you gaze upon the World’s Largest Christmas store, be prepared. Ahead there’s so much more!

#4 • Remember Hansel and Gretel and their story? To the left, you’ll see them all lit up in their glory!

#5 • As you travel up Main Street, notice the beautifully lit trees as far as you can see, with a few pops of color added for glee.

#6 • At the Visitor’s Center, on the right is the Spectacular Christmas tree. All 23,000 lights, sing and dance for you to see.

#7 • Keep heading north on Main Street and up the hill, to the top. On your right, You'll see a train and the soldiers of Santa’s Toy shop.

#8 • Up next, on your left you’ll see a snowflake or too. And if you’re good, maybe Santa will bring a new Buick for you!

#9 • Up the road in the Farmer’s Market parking lot, Check out the snow globe, it’s the perfect photo spot!

#10 • Now to your left at Frankenmuth Credit Union you’ll see on display, Santa and his reindeer flying in a sleigh!

#11 • Keep heading north and an Alpine Village you’ll see from your car, If you reach the North Pole, you’ve driven too far.

#12 • Turn right on Roedel and turn around at Uptown North Main. Now Koester Drive to Franklin south to see more lights from your lane.

#13 • On your left you’ll be reminded that Winter is here,Hopefully seeing it all lit up, will bring you some cheer!

The next part of the drive may be a little dark, until you see the lights that are in the park.
Until then reflect on the wonder of light, just the smallest amount can transform the night.

#14 • East on Tuscola and a right turn into the boat launch we go. How many ducks do you see in a row?

#15 • The journey continues to Block Road then left on Genesee. At the school bus garage how many gnomes do you see?

#16 • Still traveling west, Frankenmuth Insurance is just ahead. Their gardens are lit up in many colors, do you see green or red?

#17 • At the corner of South Dehmel Rd, take a look. The story of this scene is found in the chapter Luke of the big book.

#18 • Left on West Tuscola on to St. Lorenz. Founded in 1845 even before the city, look at the white steeple. Isn’t it pretty?

#19 •Turn onto Gunzenhausen and look to your right, You’ll see Bethlehem all lit up in white.

#20 • The new Frankenmuth Ice Rink is ahead of you.If you haven’t yet, tighten up your skate for a lap or two!

#21 • Over the Main Street bridge to Flint Street, your journey is not done. First, you must see some skaters having fun!

#22 • Frosty the Snowman was a Jolly Happy Soul. You’ll find him ahead as part of this stroll.

#23 • On the left, take a peep. What’s your favorite? The sparkling lights or that pretty new Jeep?

#24 • Do you have a favorite Christmas song? Sing it now, and the bears on your left may sing along!

#25 • The tour is now over, but not without one more sight. Look for the 17ft Santa standing tall to your right.

Whether you're local or visiting for a day or two, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

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