There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!

Michigan’s Little Bavaria may only be 2 square miles in size, but these two square miles are packed full of unique boutiques and stores that are bursting with the latest fashion trends, brands, and designs.

Come along with us as we travel through some of the unique shops of Frankenmuth piecing together the perfect outfit for wintertime that will not only keep you warm, but will keep you looking your best!

At Calla Lilies, located in the River Place Shops, we will find a great selection of tops and sweaters that are perfect to go underneath your outer layers.

With a variety of prints from plaid to stripes, to floral, this charming boutique has you covered. We must check out the European fashion line, Ulla Popken while we’re here too!

Once we have our top picked out, we need to find the perfect warm bottoms to go with it! Let’s head up to Adorn to find the perfect pair.

This quaint boutique located at the top of the hill in downtown, is a treasure trove of style! From skinny jeans with a distressed look to flared leg with a 70’s vibe - Adorn has every style to choose from. And if jeans aren’t your thing, you can pick out a comfy pair of leopard print joggers or a cute high waisted skirt!

Now we need socks. But let’s not get just your average everyday, boring socks... Let’s get some fun, festive, and personalized socks. For Bare Feet, located in River Place Shops, is the perfect place to pick these out!

We could spend hours looking at socks here! From sports teams to food and from animals to music - For Bare Feet has it all!

Since we have now picked out the perfect pair of socks to keep our feet warm - let’s find a comfy and cozy pair of boots to slide them into. For our shoes we are going to head over to Abby’s of Frankenmuth.

This cute, corner boutique located on Mainstreet has many popular brands including Toms, JBU, Born, and UGG! With this selection of boots, we will surely be able to find a pair that not only keeps your feet warm, but also catches the attention of others.

We have now successfully styled our feet to stay warm, now we need a coat!

Let’s see what Emilie B’s has... Located in River Place Shops, this woman's apparel boutique has a great selection of on-trend and contemporary pieces.

Here we can choose from a selection of coats for all types of unpredictable Michigan weather. From puffy winter coats to sleek fleece jackets, Emilie B’s has us covered! We can choose from a traditional black coat - or we could add a pop of color to our outfit by picking from colors such as yellow or pink!

Now that the basics of our outfit are complete, it’s time to accessorize!

We are almost done with our outfit and our tour of boutiques in Little Bavaria - but we can’t complete the outfit without a scarf, hat, and gloves. At Rapunzel’s Boutique on Main Street, you will find a beautifully lit show-floor and selection of items to swoon over.

Rapunzel’s not only offers unique boutique fashions, but also a selection of handmade items. (you can even take knitting classes here!) Let’s grab ourselves a cute matching hat, scarf, and glove set from Rapunzel's that will keep us snug and stylish!

Our outfit isn't complete without a purse and jewelry! White House Boutique on Main Street carries a wide variety of name brand products, including Brighton and Pandora.

We are sure to find a piece of jewelry here that perfectly compliments our winter style. Maybe a long beaded necklace or a new souvenir charm to add to a bracelet that will remind us of Frankenmuth. And as for a handbag, let’s go with something that makes a statement. The quality made products we find at the White House Boutique are meaningful and tell a story.

Now that our outfit is complete let’s show it off!

Whether you’re spending the evening strolling around the magically lit streets of Frankenmuth with friends, or venturing out with your family for a winter’s night out - the boutiques of Michigan’s Little Bavaria are here to make sure your comfy, cozy, and cute!

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About the Author

Lydia Wilder

Lydia is the Director of Operations and Service for the Frankenmuth Convention & Visitors Bureau.