What's the best kind of recommendation? Does it come from a city or business on where you should dine or what experience you should enjoy? While we like to think we're pretty knowledgable, we know the BEST recommendations come from trusted friends and close family members.

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That's why we're starting a new blog series titled "The Best From Our Guests." This series will feature real comments on Frankenmuth favorites and will cover a variety of topics, from what to get at a restaurant to where to view the fireworks during a festival. We hope this series helps you find your next great meal, activity, or place to be in Michigan's Little Bavaria!

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Frankenmuth sweets and treats are widely sought after by guests near and far. With two restaurants that are home to two massive bakeries, you’re sure to find a delicious dessert to take home with you… or to dream about after you leave.

Here’s some of the best confections in Frankenmuth, as told by our guests!

1. SugarHigh Bakery, Gourmet Jumbo Cupcakes

As a winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, you can expect this spot to serve up tasty treats on the daily. SugarHigh Bakery offers gourmet cupcakes in over 30 delectable flavors, from Cherry Cheesecake to Birthday Cake.

Our guests recommend these heavenly flavors:

"I love the Cuatro Leches cupcakes from Sugar High. The frosting is almost the best part." – Cheryl W.

"The Radioactive Lemon Lime cupcake from Sugar High! I come from Indiana a few times a year for cupcakes and Bronners!" – Vikki G.

"Maple/Bacon...yes please!!!" – Sherrel H.

"Red Velvet Cupcakes!" – Dana C.

"I absolutely love Sugar High. My favorites from them are the Guinness cupcake and Black Forest cupcake."

– Sarah S.

2. Zehnder’s Bakery, Cakes & Bite-Sized Desserts

Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth is one of the largest independently owned restaurants in the country, so it’s no wonder their bakery is bursting with flavor. If bite-sized treats are your go-to, they have an entire section dedicated to things like peanut butter cups, chocolate covered almonds, and more.

Some of our guests said they love…

"German Chocolate Cake from Zehnder's Bakery!" – Troy M

"The fruit tarts and long john donuts from Zehnder's bakery." – Jennifer D.

"Butter horns from Zehnder's. My ultimate favorite!" – Ellen B.

"Cream puffs from Zehnder's. The REAL deal."

– Cyndi R.

3. Bavarian Inn Restaurant & Bakery, Delightful Treats

If you’ve never been through the lower level of Bavarian Inn Restaurant, you’re missing out. Just like Zehnder’s Marketplace, the aptly named Bavarian Inn Castle Shops offers a variety of specialty boutiques and goods along a cobblestone path, just steps below the main restaurant, from a doll and toy shop, to a store all about candy. The bakery is where the magic happens though.

Our guests can’t get enough of…

"The cream cheese iced cinnamon rolls from the Bavarian bakery, I buy them every time I go to Frankenmuth, they are worth the trip and to die for." – Charlotte R.

"Orange/vanilla twist ice cream from the restaurant. Yum!" – Michael H.

"Raspberry turnovers at Bavarian Inn bakery." – AnnMary W.

"Carrot Cake from the Bavarian Inn bakery is the best!"

"I drive from Holly to get it! Looking forward to going again." – Beatrice D.

4. Stollen Bread, the Perfect Start to a Family-Style Dinner

We received so many comments about this bread that it HAD to get it’s own number on this list. Stollen bread is a traditional German fruit bread served at the beginning of every family style chicken dinner. You can also grab it from either Zehnder’s Bakery or Bavarian Inn Castle Shops.

"Love the fruit bread from the Bavarian Inn bake shop!" – Roxanne M.

"The Stollen fruit bread!" – Alice S.

"The fruit bread served with our chicken dinners. I eat way too much of it."

– Bea K.

5. Popcorn Wagon, Unique Flavor Concoctions

Whether at the movies or just at home, who doesn’t love a good bag of popcorn? The popcorn is made in small batches, only 5 gallons at a time, to ensure the freshest and highest quality popcorn every time! And when you can get it in more than 45 flavors, there’s a batch for everyone in the family.

The best flavors according to our guests are…

"Kettle corn from the Popcorn Wagon is the right combination of sweet and salty." – Dorothy F.

"Apple Pie Popcorn from the Popcorn Wagon!!!" – Margo H.

"Apple Pie Popcorn or Key Lime White Chocolate Popcorn!"

– Tanya H.

6. La Crepe du Jour, “A Taste of Paris in Little Bavaria”

That’s their slogan and it makes sense! This delightful, European-themed creperie tucked away in the center of the River Place Shops is serving up delicious sweet and savory crepes perfect for lunch during a festival or a date night. One guest says...

"I LOVE going to La Crepe du Jour! My favorite is probably the bananas foster crepe but they are all equally delicious and so filling!"

– Barbie C.

7. Jaami’s Ice Cream & Treats, Tasty Cones & Sundaes

If you’ve walked down the corner of Main and Cass Street in the Summertime, chances are you’ve caught a whiff of Jaami’s handmade waffle cones. Made fresh daily, these delicious cones can be dipped in chocolate and sprinkles or just left plain.

40 flavors grace the cases of this quaint ice cream shop, but Trisha R. recommends the Turtle Sundae!

8. Honorable Mention

If we listed every single sweet treat people love in Frankenmuth, you'd be reading this blog for days! So we highlighted a few of the most mentioned places above. But there's still a few that got a lot of love that you should know about.

Here’s a few other Frankenmuth treats our guests love:

Got a sweet tooth? Discover your favorite Frankenmuth treats.

Explore our local sweets shops to find something delicious to enjoy, or try out some of the best picks from our guests listed above!

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So much to enjoy.

Recommendations based on comments from visitors from a Facebook post shared on the Frankenmuth Facebook page.

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