Though you won’t need your international passport for this voyage, you will need the new Bavarian Bierpass!

What is the Bavarian Bierpass?

You’re already relaxing with a beer in your hand on a sunlit patio during your trip, why not earn something special for each drink you enjoy? The Bavarian Bierpass is a new, interactive passport program that encourages guests to taste their way through Frankenmuth. The passport features profile pages for participating establishments and festivals throughout town that sell alcoholic beverages or drink samples.

When a qualifying drink purchase is made at one of the participating establishments, your passport will be stamped.

Once 15 stamps have been collected, passports can be turned in at the Visitor’s Center for a limited edition t-shirt.

Stamps can be earned by going to your favorite Frankenmuth Festivals.

Festival stamps can be earned by showing the stamp on hand, wristband, or receipt from one of the participating festivals to the lovely representatives at the Frankenmuth Visitor Center.

**Festival stamps cannot be redeemed by a festival rep, you must go to the Visitor Center**

So now you’re probably wondering… How do I get a Bierpass?

The Bavarian Bierpass can be purchased at the Frankenmuth Visitor’s Center, located at 635 S. Main St, sandwiched between Bavarian Inn Restaurant and the Frankenmuth Historical Museum. (There’s a big sign at the road)

Each passport costs $10.00 and includes a surprise gift upon purchase to start your journey off right.

After you’ve made your way to your favorite Frankenmuth establishments and collected 15 stamps, return to the Visitor’s Center to claim your exclusive-to-the-Bierpass t-shirt, while supplies last.

This sounds fun, right?! We think so too.

But we know you probably have a few more questions as to how the passport works. Here’s some answers to the questions you may have.

  • Only one passport per person.
  • Guests can only collect one stamp per business/festival per passport. Sorry, drinking at the same place over and over isn’t going to get you to the finish line.
  • Couples and groups cannot share a single passport and collect multiple prizes. One passport equals one set of prizes.
  • Multiple passports can be stamped on a single transaction only if multiple drinks were purchased.
  • Passports do not expire and can be completed at your own pace.
  • If a Passport is lost, a new passport will not be given out for free. A new one must be purchased.
  • Must be over 21 years old to participate.
  • Stamps cannot be redeemed on previous purchases.

Please enjoy the Bavarian Bierpass responsibly. Take advantage of all safe transportation options to keep yourself and others safe.

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Please enjoy the Bavarian Bierpass responsibly.

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