Frankenmuth Festivals and Events

All year long, Frankenmuth festivals and events bring this quaint riverfront community alive ~ so if you’re looking for things to do in Michigan, consider Frankenmuth. Many of the festivities are free or low-cost and offer something for everyone in the family. There are events that embrace the city’s German heritage like the Frankenmuth Bavarian Festival or Oktoberfest and events for the health and fitness buffs like our runs, bike races and triathlon and many events like Summer Music Fest that bring together two Frankenmuth favorites; music and beer!

We hardly need an excuse to throw a party or a festival in this town, but our event organizers have found many reasons to do just that. Let’s take the winter, sounds like a good excuse to host a huge Snow Festival. And then the decade we all love to hate and hate to forget…the 80’s! We have a festival for that too. Events for Dogs? Check.

Events with hot air balloons? Check. Country Music? Check. Michiganders are passionate about classic cars and many places have car shows, but like any good Frankenmuth festival we like to do it up right so the Auto Fest kicks off with an amazing Big Block Party on Main Street! Add to all of those the many wonderful events like colonial encampments, dinner shows and shopping events and you will know why Frankenmuth truly is one of Michigan’s most festive destinations all year round!

If you are looking for fun things to do in Michigan, bookmark this page so you know what’s happening throughout the year.

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