Valentine’s Day in Frankenmuth

As you walk down Frankenmuth’s charming Bavarian streets, its hard to miss all of the couples holding hands and spending time slowing down and enjoying each others company, so much so, we jokingly call ourselves, “the handholding capitol of Michigan”. This time of year especially gives us the warm and fuzzies as Valentine’s Day is here!

With so many romantic and cozy places like carriage rides through downtown and intimate booths at unique restaurants and wine bars, Frankenmuth is the perfect place to connect or reconnect with your significant other. This Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d share some of our fans and their Valentines enjoying the town.

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🍁Love fall weddings🍂⛅

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Only in Michigan can you go from a frozen tundra, shutting down everything because it’s ridiculously cold to 50 degrees and rainy. 🙃 So now it basically looks like the polar vortex didn’t happen because all the snow has melted. And everyone is walking around outside without coats. I’m over here in a sweater! 🤦🏼‍♀️ . I was born here and have basically lived here all of my life, but I still can’t seem to get used to the crazy up and down weather. Haha . Anyways- enjoy this beautiful frozen pic of us at the Zehnder’s Ice Fest in Frankenmuth from a couple weeks ago. We bundled up but still froze our toes off and barely made it through the slosh in our double stroller. It was nice to see our friends though and the night ended with food so I can’t complain. . . . #polarvortex #frozentundra #belowfreezing #puremichigan #michiganweather #couplegoals #michigangirl #metrodetroitmom #frankenmuth #zehnderssnowfest #icefest #kingandqueen #husbandandwife #marriagelife #familylife #detroit_igers #detroitmomsblog #husbandandwifeforlife #bundledup #detroitmamas #livinglife

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