Muth Moment: A Spring Day in Frankenmuth

Greetings from sunny Los Angeles, California! My name is Kana and I’m a Travel Instagrammer & Blogger. I’m so excited to be here writing about my experience in Michigan’s Little Bavaria on Frankenmuth’s Blog!

Ever since graduating from college in Washington State, I’ve lived in 5 different states, including Michigan. I lived in Detroit for a little over a year and consider it dear to my heart. When my Fiancé gifted me tickets to the Detroit Red Wings’ final game at the Joe Louis Arena for Valentine’s Day this year, I knew I had to stop by Frankenmuth!

We did a quick, one night stay in Frankenmuth but were able to enjoy a lot of what the town offers. The morning we drove up, we stopped by Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, also known as the world’s largest Christmas store. I’ve visited before but my fiancé was shocked at the size… and we hadn’t even entered the doors!

We spent a solid two hours in Bronner’s, walking through the spacious store and inspecting almost every section they offered. I loved the shipping service they offer since we didn’t have any space in our luggage for delicate ornaments. We packed up a huge box full of gifts and ornaments and had them shipped to our home in Los Angeles.

Photo of the interior area of Frankenmuth Brewery

After gushing over Bronner’s, we headed towards the town center in search for some food. Since we love trying out new breweries, we were excited to see that Frankenmuth had their own! We joined other Tigers fans at the Frankenmuth Brewery and ordered pizza, as well as a flight of their best beers. The pizza was delicious (especially topped with the cajun spices!) and the beer was impressive. That’s coming from someone that lived in Portland, Oregon for 4 years!

Around 4PM, we were ready to check in to our hotel, the Bavarian Inn Lodge for the evening. I had only eaten at the restaurant before, so I was thrilled to be staying the night at the hotel. The staff was welcoming and the decorations were absolutely charming! We checked into a comfortable, clean King Size bedroom with a pretty view.

View From from river view room at Bavarian inn lodge hotel

We may have napped for an hour or two before walking over to the restaurant for Bavarian Inn’s famous Chicken Dinner. I cannot express accurately how excited I was to be reunited with the Chicken Dinner. I definitely suggest making reservations; when we got there, there was a line of 30+ parties and thankfully with a reservation, the wait for us was only a few seconds.

The Family Style Chicken Dinner at the Bavarian Inn is something you must experience if you’re visiting Frankenmuth. You start off with a basket of bread, a bowl of soup and four types of salads. Don’t get yourself too full though, since the buttered noodles, pumpkin mash, stuffing and the famous fried chicken finally gets served!

With a beyond packed stomach, we went back to the hotel to explore the pools and arcade. If you’re traveling with children, your children will love you forever at the Bavarian Inn. They have the best swimming pools, an indoor mini golf course and a large arcade (think Chuck E. Cheese) to tire them out for the night. I’m a kid at heart so we played a bunch of games at the arcade and won ourselves enough tickets for a new board-game!

Inside the NASA and Space section of the Michigan's Own Military and Space Heroes Museum

The next morning, we stopped by the restaurant inside the hotel for a quick breakfast. I enjoyed potato pancakes, eggs and bacon to start the day right. After we checked out, we drove off to Michigan’s Military and Space Heroes Museum to satisfy the history nerds in us.

While the museum may look small from the outside, there is so much to see on the inside. Since both my Grandfather and my fiancé’s Grandfather served the country, the military holds a special place in both of our hearts. The museum boasts over 140 displays, making it the “nation’s largest Medal of Honor collection on display.” Amazing! We must have spent a couple of hours reading through the lives of the men and women from Michigan that served our country.

Photo of Frankenmuth River Place Shops in Daytime

On our way out of Frankenmuth, we stopped by the River Place Shops, an outdoor shopping mall in hopes to find a souvenir we could take home. There’s a lot of unique finds throughout the mall whether it’s jewelry, pet supplies, popcorn, clothing boutiques and a food court. The Michigan Shoppe was our favorite since we were able to pick up some Michigan coasters and a Frankenmuth magnet for our fridge!

That concludes our two day, one night trip in Frankenmuth, Michigan. I just love Frankenmuth and so did my fiancé. It’s quaint, clean, safe, beautiful and with several fun activities for both kids and adults. If you live in Michigan and want to be transported into a different world, I highly recommend visiting Frankenmuth… and eat the chicken dinner! You can thank me later.


Disclaimer: I was welcomed as a guest at the Bavarian Inn Lodge by the Frankenmuth Convention & Visitors Bureau. However, all opinions are my own.