The Many Tours of Frankenmuth

Here in Frankenmuth, we are well known for our German heritage, our world famous chicken, and we are home to the World’s Largest Christmas Store. But, did you know that Frankenmuth is full of numerous self-guided and guided tours? Actually, Frankenmuth has more than 10 different ways to enjoy a tour. Whether you are interested in our town’s history, brewing, agriculture, or wildlife, there is something for everyone to learn and enjoy.

1.) Bavarian Belle Riverboat

Enjoy an hour long narrated tour of Frankenmuth’s history aboard a 150 passenger, paddle-wheel powered boat that will glide along the Cass River and go by the banks of Frankenmuth. The boat docks at the Frankenmuth River Place Shops, making this the perfect start – or end – to some shopping!

2.) Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland

Bronners Christmas Store in Frankenmuth

Take a break from shopping and catch a 20 minute video right inside the store. Learn about the Christmas traditions celebrated in Germany or learn about legacy that was Wally Bronner, the late owner and creator of Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland. Free admission.

3.) Bronner’s Silent Night Chapel


Take a self-guided tour of Bronner’s Silent Night Memorial Chapel. It is a replica of the original chapel in Oberndorf/Salzburg, Austria, which marks the site where “Silent Night” was first sung on Christmas Eve in 1818. Free admission.

4.) Fantasy Carriage Company & Frankenmuth Carriage Company

Both of these gorgeous carriages offer historical tours and drive by numerous Frankenmuth landmarks. You are sure to feel as if you have traveled back in time to a simpler way of life.

5.) Frankenmuth Brewery Tour

Learn all about how the Frankenmuth Brewery creates its delicious lagers, stouts and ales. You can even look inside one of the oldest remaining structures in Frankenmuth today, the beer cellar. Free admission, call ahead.

6.) Frankenmuth FunShips Tasting and Tours

Enjoy a 30, 60 or 90 minute ride on the Cass River aboard an intimate 12-person electric boat. While you relax, your captain will give you interesting facts and stories about the history of Frankenmuth. Be sure to ask about the wine and chocolate tour, too!

7.) Frankenmuth Historical Museum

The Frankenmuth Historical Museum is a perfect place to learn about Frankenmuth’s history from present day to 1845, when the Franconians first settled in our area. There is so much to learn and many fascinating stories to be told.

8.) Frankenmuth Woolen Mill & Zeilinger Wool Company Tours

Both historic companies have been creating and manufacturing wool products since the earliest days of agriculture in Frankenmuth. Step back in time and learn how wool is harvested, processed, and even see the machines still used today to make socks, mittens, yarn and quilting materials. Free admission, call ahead. 

9.) Frankenmuth Glockenspiel Tower

The Bavarian Inn Glockenspiel Tower houses a magnificent 35-bell carillon, a beautiful figurine movement and an illuminated clock, all imported from Germany. At Noon, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm. each day, the Bavarian Inn Glockenspiel plays several selections which are immediately followed by figurine movement depicting the legend of the Pied Piper of Hameln. Free to watch.

10.) Grandpa Tiny’s Farm

Take a step back in time at this working Historical Farm. Your tour includes many hands on exhibits and learning experiences including petting the Farm animals. William “Tiny” Zehnder (1919 – 2006) started this Farm based on his love for farming and we carry on that wholesome tradition. Come experience traditional heritage farming as well as some more modern techniques.

11.) Johnny Panther Quests Adventure Trips

Enjoy a smooth ride on a 9 person boat featuring the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge and State Game Area. Explore part of the largest watershed and wildlife habitats in the Lower Peninsula. Enjoy bald eagles, beaver, birding, team building, romance, adventure, and more. Boarding dock is only 30 minutes North of Frankenmuth!

12.) Lager Mill & Brewing Museum

Explore Frankenmuth’s fascinating brewing heritage at the beautiful museum, located inside a historic mill. Then shop the Craft Beer store, featuring over 400 different beers, wine, home brew equipment, hand rolled cigars, authentic German clothing, and much more. Self-guided tour.

13.) Michigan’s Own Military & Space Heroes Museum

The only museum of its kind in the U.S. Featuring uniform displays of Michigan Veterans of our six foreign wars and the space program. Hosts the largest Medal of Honor collection in North America.

14.) St. Lorenz Lutheran Church

When Frankenmuth’s settlers came to town, the first thing they built was the St. Lorenz Church. A community built on faith was extremely important to them. Tour the sanctuary of this beautiful and historic site and learn about the story the stain glass windows depict. Free admission, call ahead.

What’s your favorite tour in Frankenmuth? Explore our website to find more experiences and things to do in Frankenmuth to make the best of your next getaway.