Your Guide to Michigan’s Big Country Fest

Grab your cowboy hat, throw on your dusty ol’ boots, and button up that plaid shirt… Michigan’s Big Country Fest is here! If you’re looking for a rockin’ good time, make your way to Frankenmuth for this country-fried festival. Read our guide to MI’s Big Country Fest to make the most of your time at the event!

1.) What is it?

Crowd at MI’s Big Country Fest enjoying some live music.

MI’s Big Country Fest is a two-day country themed event that takes place in October every year. The 2017 event is on October 20 & 21 from 5pm until midnight both days.

2.) Where is it?

The festival is held in the Harvey Kern Pavilion in Heritage Park off of Weiss Street, behind Bavarian Inn Lodge. The pavilion is fully enclosed so you’re protected from the weather and heated just in case it’s a little chilly.

3.) What is there to do?

Country fest.

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There are a ton of activities to enjoy once you get through the doors of the Harvey Kern Pavilion like mechanical bull riding, free line dancing lessons, a bloody mary bar, and sooo much more. Throughout both days, there’s a line up of fantastic rock and country music as well. View the full line up of music here.

There’s a couple featured events you don’t want to miss too, like the Friday Cornhole Tournament. Sign up begins at 6:30pm with the tournament beginning at 7pm. Registering is free, but you still have to pay the admission fee into the festival. (Only $5!) There’s awesome prizes reserved for the winner! And on both nights, Tri-City Bubble will be here for Human Bubble Games! Two different size bubble balls will be available – for young children to adults – to play soccer, bubble battles, or whatever you want. $5 for 5 minutes!

4.) What is there to eat and drink?

The Frankenmuth Food Truck Rally will be happening alongside Country Fest for the 4th year in a row. Offering up a variety of different food to festival-goers, from grilled cheese to brisket to chicken wraps to mac-and-cheese burgers. (Mmm!) There’s no way you’re leaving this festival hungry. Entry to the food truck area is free, just the cost of some tasty grub.

No outside food or drinks are allowed inside, but there will be plenty to choose from once you’re in. There will be Miller Lite, Killian’s, Mike’s, Whiskey, and a Bloody Mary Bar, as well as water and a selection of pop.

5.) What’s the cost?

Entry into Country Fest is only $5! Children ages 5 and under are free. (If you are bringing children, please keep in mind that alcohol is being served) Once inside, there’s a number of vendors to shop from, activities to partake in, and food and drink to purchase, which have an additional cost. The Cornhole Tournament on Friday is $5 to enter, and the Human Bubble Game is $5 for 5 minutes. There’s also souvenirs for purchase, because you can’t leave the event without one! Food cost will vary across each food truck.

6.) Is there standing room only?

Nope! There’s several tables and chairs set up, as well as standing tables. The space in front of the stage is open to allow to dancing!

7.) Where should I park?

Parking is available right outside the pavilion in the grass fields and at Heritage Park. Although it’s tempting, parking is not allowed at the back lot of Bavarian Inn Lodge. If parking is full at the grass lot and Heritage Park, parking is available in the general lot between River Place Shops and the Covered Bridge, and then the festival is just a short walk down Weiss Street from there.

Coming into town early or staying overnight? We have several lodging accommodations across town so you and your friends can hit the hay right after the event is over, and tons of attractions to jump start the fun or keep it going. If you’re hankering for a sit-down dinner or another kind of craving, there’s plenty of dining and treat options right in our downtown area that are easy to get to.

Looking for more information? Visit, or call the Big Country Fest Team at 989-652-8008 or email at!