The Frankenmuth Certified program is an educational tool that allows anyone to dig deeper into all that Frankenmuth has to offer.

The impact our businesses have on our economy and the way our community comes together to serve each other will be highlights of this educational experience.

You will learn about stories that have been passed down through generations, how our government is run, and the answers to frequently asked questions about Frankenmuth.

Bavarian Belle Riverboat on the Cass River going under the Covered Bridge

This program, consisting of 9 multiple choice quizzes, gives visitors the opportunity to get as familiar with our great city as the locals are. Learn about our cherished German history, the high quality education we provide, our many dining options, and discover new things to do around town.

Each quiz question includes a link that allows you to find the answer while also providing you with valuable information about that specific topic. By the time you finish you’ll know Frankenmuth like the back of your hand!

When you finish this free program not only will you be able to school all your friends during your Frankenmuth trivia nights, but you will receive a personalized certificate of completion with your name on it. Print it off, hang it up, and show everyone that you’re a Frankenmuth expert!

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Certified program here:

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Caleb Snook

Caleb Snook is the Community Relations & Ice Rink Manager for the Frankenmuth Convention & Visitors Bureau.