So we are reviewing all of the delicious places in Frankenmuth that you can stop for a scoop, a swirl, and a sprinkle of deliciousness…because we are screaming for ice cream!

1.) Jaami’s Ice Cream & Treats

It can’t be denied, Jaami’s has always been a fan favorite. Their main entree is none other than…ice cream of course! Although, they do offer sorbets, chocolate dipped bananas, flurries and Slush Puppies, you cannot miss out on the ice cream selections. Gigantic banana splits, soft-served swirls topped with candy, and hand-dipped flavors in a freshly made waffle bowl.

2.) A chicken dinner and ice cream for dessert

Zehnder’s Restaurant and Bavarian Inn Restaurant are both home of golden, crispy, famous chicken. So what better way to end the meal than a little swirl of ice cream? Both chicken restaurants even have an adorable and iconic topper. At Bavarian Inn, you are sure to have a little fraulein or herrlein atop your frozen treat! And at Zehnder’s, it is more of a surprise! Your ice cream could be topped with any variety of colorful creatures, ranging from mermaids to giraffes.

3.) Zak’s Fudge

Zak’s Fudge has all the treats and of course… ice cream couldn’t be left out! From dozens of flavors of fudge, to handfuls of colorful taffy, there is something in store for you to enjoy along with a hand-dipped cone!

4.) SugarHigh Bakery

SugarHigh Bakery has gained quite a bit of notoriety for their delicious cupcakes ever since they won Cupcake Wars in 2012. Did we mention, they have a superman ice cream flavored cupcake!? But along with cupcakes and other delicious bakery treats, they wouldn’t have made the list without serving up some serious ice cream… or in this case… creamy, cold, gelato! Gelato is the European version of ice cream, so why not when in Frankenmuth?

5.) SugarRush Sweets & Treats

This where you go when you are ready for a SERIOUS SUGAR RUSH. (Get it?) Not only do they have all the flavors of ice cream you could want, they also have all of the candy you could hope for! Lollipops, rock candies, sour gummies, stretchy candies, chocolate bars, gumballs, colorful candies that melt in your mouth… the list doesn’t end.

6.) Cold Stone Creamery

You can’t go wrong with a Cold Stone ice cream cone. With flavors that can be folded around your favorite toppings like cookie crumbles, cookie dough, candies and sprinkles…who wouldn’t scream for ice cream? Not to mention – ice cream cake!

7.) McDonald’s of Frankenmuth

If you are headed into or out of town, the golden arches are always here to serve your ice cream needs. The Frankenmuth McDonald’s is a huge supporter of the Auto Fest along with numerous other festivals & events in town.

8.) Frankenmuth Brewery

What do you get when you mix beer and ice cream? We like to call it perfection! The Frankenmuth Brewery calls the Siamese Goat Float, but of course, the younger travelers can enjoy an original kid-friendly root beer float, too.

For a full list of delicious sweets and treats in Frankenmuth, click here and let the mouthwatering begin! If you still have questions about dining in Frankenmuth, give us a call at 989-652-6106.


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